Ever After High Dolls

Ever After High dolls are the latest must-have dolls. Each character has a parent who’s a famous fairytale character. Here you can find all the dolls, find out about the characters and watch the online episodes to follow the goings-on at Ever After High.

Wave 1 Dolls:

These are the first ever Every After High dolls, referred to as either Wave 1 or the originals. They are the perfect starting point for any new collectors:

Wave 1 Briar Beauty Doll Wave 1 Madeline Hatter Doll
Wave 1 Apple White Doll Wave 1 Raven Queen Doll

Beyond The Dolls:

The dolls are fantastic but there’s also so much more to Ever After High. It’s a all-encompassing brand from Mattel, featuring ongoing storylines through the online episodes and all the characters have their own personality and fashion traits. These additional aspects really add meaning to the dolls, helping to bring them to life, and is the reason why this line of dolls is so popular.